Manual Bed, Two Function Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Manual Bed, Two Function

Product Code : PHHCB-12070

Standard Features :
•Two function manual bed for home care with crank operated back rest : 0º-70º±2º, knee rest : 0º-40º±2º
•Size : 2080 mm(L)*1012 mm(W)*500 mm(H)
•Collapsible side railings. (Top bar Aluminium, Vertical bars SS, Bottom pipe epoxy)
•Removable high quality beautiful wooden head panel and foot panel.
•Provision for I.V. Rod on all sides of the bed.
•Epoxy coated mild steel frame work and 4 section perforated top.
•125 mm diameter noiseless castor all with brakes.

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