Shortwave Medical Diathermy-500W Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Shortwave Medical Diathermy-500W

Product Code : PHPE-11670

High power medical diathermy incorporating a high power transmitting oscillator value & soild state rectifiers; provides R.F.power upto 500 watts for intense deep tissue heating with out discomfort at the surface.Housed in an elegent MOBILE CABINET & designed to meet heavy wosk load ina hospital.
Standard Features :
•  Frequency : 27.12MHz.
•  Output. : Continous, maximum:500watts.
•  Electrodes. : One pair Condenser pads with felt spacer & cover. Size: 15cm x 25cm.
•  Timer. : 30 minutes timer with Auto-cut.
•  Cooling. : With 10cm dia. instrumental fan.
•  Voltage. : 220-224V.
•  Intensity. : Adjustable,in 5 steps.
•  Tuning. : Manual, with tuning control knob.
•  Accessories. : a, One, pair condenser Pads cable. b, One,Power Main cable. c, Spare Fuses. d, One, Shortwave Test Tube. e, Two Velcro Strap to tie/ hold condenser pads with the body. f,One, automatic voltage stabiliser.


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