Dental Chair Programmable (Traditional Delivery Unit) Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Dental Chair Programmable (Traditional Delivery Unit)

Product Code : PHDEP-11750

Specifications/Details :
•  Independent up & down movement and backrest movement of the chair.
•  Feather touch control panel present of delivery unit.
•  Halogen sensor light with variable intensity.
•  Right arm movable for easy seating of the patient. 2 programs in chair... 1 present working position other for Zero position.
•  Doctor’s stool with Adjustable height.
Unit Consists Followings :

Moveable Foot Control
•  1 Pedal for chip air (Blow)
•  Pedal for Air
•  Round joystick on chair base for chair movements.
•  1 Pedal for air & water
Assistant Arm
•  Movable assistant arm
•  1-3 way syringe
•  2 suction point for low and Medium Suction
Traditional Delivery Unit
•  Pneumatic locking Arm
•  1 extra holder
•  A pressure gauze present for the air rotor
•  Feather touch control panel for all controls of chair
•  3 points for air rotor
•  1 LED X-Ray viewer
•  1-3 way syringe
Water Unit
•  Fixed water unit with Movable Glass spittoon
•  Cup filler with option for warm & normal water