Comfy I.C.U. Bed, Electric, 7 Function (With X-Ray Permeable Backrest) Column Model Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Comfy I.C.U. Bed, Electric, 7 Function (With X-Ray Permeable Backrest) Column Model

Product Code : PHIB-11829

Standard Features :
•  Comfy ICU Bed (7 function) with electrically operated back rest tilting 0-70º, knee rest tilting 0-30°, trendelenburg tilting 0-12°,Reverse trendelenburg tilting 0-12°, mattress base ( lateral ) tilting to the left up to 15°, tilting to the right up to 15°
•  Size : L 2240 mm ×W 1055 mm × H 520--920 mm (Adjustable Height). °. Bed extension -200 mm(+- 10 mm)
•  H/F boards locks: The board locks prevent accidental removal of the bed boards when steering or handing the bed
•  Split Guard Rails : Guard rail PP- 4 pcs provides protection to patient and additional side rails- 2 pcs near foot board offers more safety and support to patient while standing.
•  Angle Gauge on Side rails display's the angle of back rest, Lateral tilt and Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg.
•  Integrated Scale control panel: It is located at foot end and is protected against impacts.
•  X-ray cassette holder : Sliding construction allows the cassette to be inserted beneath the mattress platform from the side of the bed.
•  Removable mattress platform: Plastic board mattress platform can be easily removed for sterilization.
•  With X-ray permeable backrest, Central nurse control system
•  Embedded controls on both sides of guard rails, Linen shelf : At the bottom of foot end
•  Manual/Electric CPR : The Electric CPR operates with one key control. Manual CPR is equipped with damping device, which can be used single handedly and allows the back rest fall slowly to ensure the safety of the patient, in case of power failure.
Basic Features : 





Outer dimensions(Side rails up)

L2240*W1055mm (±10mm)

Mattress platform

L1965*W920mm (±10mm)

Bed Height

H520-920mm (±10mm)

Bed extension

200mm (±10mm)

Maximum backrest angle


Maximum thigh rest




Left and right tilt


Height of side rails
(above mattress platform)

440mm (±10mm)

Safe working load


Weighing system



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