Electric Obstetric Bed - Multi Function Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Electric Obstetric Bed - Multi Function

Product Code : PHOT-11912

Standard Features :
•  This table is designed for women's obstetric and gynaecological operation, Easy operation, safe and reliable, economical and quick.
•  Operating positions - up / down, adjustable back rest & reverse trendelenburg position.
•  It adopts linear bearing to control the telescopic working table.
•  Size : 2000/1450 × 900/660 × 620/920 mm.
•  All motion controlled with T-Motion Power Device (Actuator) & Battery backup.
•  High quality beautiful ABS engineering plastic head panel.
•  Adjustable leg support and sliding grip holder.
•  125 mm diameter noiseless castors with simultaneous braking system which locks / unlocks 2 castors with single pedal press.
•  Main framework made of Expoxy Coated steel.
•  Two easy lifting guardrails (1 on each side), which are safe and reliable, and can be fixed upward and downward.
•  Equipped with 8 cm thick high quality foam mattress.